Interactive map for NGOs response in Iraq

User Guide

What is NCCI?

NCCI is a member-led organization that coordinates principled, collective NGO action in order to foster development, address humanitarian needs, and promote respect for rights in Iraq. Learn more about NCCI.

What is this interactive map for?

This interactive map initiative is part of NCCI’s mandate of coordination and information sharing among NGOs and with other stakeholders. The map is designed with an easy customizable search and view option for sectors of emergency and development work, NGO names, and geographical coverage of NGOs active in Iraq.

The map will act as an accessible database of NGOs’ emergency and development response across the country and could help in facilitating contacts and partnerships, avoiding duplication of efforts, facilitating relevant research and studies, and much more.

Who can use/benefit from the map?

All NGOs, UN agencies, International Organizations, donors, researchers, and others can access and use the info. They can directly search from the main page. You can find the instructions on how to use the search options further down.

Who can register in this interactive map?

All NGOs operational in Iraq, national or international, register in NGO's Directorate, can register in this map. The NGOs can register themselves.

How can my NGO register?

1) From the home page click on the login/register option on the right

2) You will be automatically re-directed to the login/register page.

3) As you are new and do not have an account yet, click on sign up.

4) You will be automatically re-directed to the registration page.

5) Fill in the requested information; please note that all this information except the name of the NGO can be changed/updated in the future.

6) Fill in the NGO name, type of NGO, NGO's Directorate registration, email, password, mobile (Iraq mobile 11 digits)

7) Click Show Selections box, scroll down for the options.

8) Check the province that you work in, it will be enlarged to show you sectors of work in both emergency and development fields.

9) Check the sectors that you work in in this province.

10) Do the same for all the provinces that you work in.

11) Check the I am not a robot box.

12) Click Submit

13) Registration will not be accepted if you did not choose at least one field of work, or if you missed or mistakenly entered some info. See the alert messages in red.

14) If everything is correct you will be redirected to the main page and a pop up message will request you to check your inbox for the activation email.

15) Please check the email that you registered with. If you do not see the activation email, check the junk email. If you are still facing problems send us a message at Your profile will remain hidden to others if you do not click the activation link.

16) Once you click the activation link, the login page will open with a message confirming the activation.

17) Now you can login using the email address and password that you registered with.

18) You will be automatically re-directed to the home page again, this time you can see your NGO name on the right, and you can click show my profile and update it anytime if required.

19) You can see that your NGO name and info have been added to the map (your organization email and mobile number will remain hidden, see why in the last section below) ,

How to use the search options?

1) For all users, the main page will include the search options on the left side.

2) You can select one or all of the 4 drop lists, depending on your specific needs.

3) Click Result. The interactive map on the same page will change accordingly.

4) The map will show you icons on all the provinces that match your search, each icon will include a number that represents the total number of NGOs matching your search in this province.

5) You can show/hide the detailed info of any of these NGOs by simply clicking the icon on the desired province.

6) Please remember to click Result every time you change your search options.

How can I get in touch with the registered NGOs?

We have hidden the emails and mobiles of the registered NGOs to ensure their safety and avoid disturbance like spams and adverts. If you require the contact information for the NGOs, please check the checkbox before the NGO name in the popup box after you click on the desired province icon, a request contact button will show up, click on it, another box will appears, fill the requested fields and click submit. your request will then be sent to the concerned NGOs who will choose to share/not share their contacts details with you.

Contact request form option will appear when you check the boxes of selected NGOs.

For any technical difficulties on using or updating the system, please send a message to our IT department at .